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          South China has experienced its worst month of extreme weather since 1998, and more is on the way in April, meteorological authorities said on Tuesday.
          7 billion, Deloitte said late Thursday in the report.
          The DPRK spokesman also accused the United States of being the worst human rights abuser, who killed innocent people through aggression and intervention, and systematically committed illegal wire-tapping and surveillance against citizens of other countries, and should be brought to an international human rights tribunal.
          The Chinese governments fight against corruption since the end of 2012, which strictly prohibits fine dining and presenting gifts paid for with public money, may have had an effect on wine sales, Xavier de Eizaguirre, chairman of Vinexpo, the worlds leading wine and spirits exhibition, told China Daily.
          It came to a stop against a dump truck, causing more than 20 injuries, five of them in critical condition, said the police.
          Back home we have tiger parents too.
          Ran Xiaoli, a 28-year-old pregnant woman from Dahe village, was about to give birth, but the baby was in the wrong position, making a normal birth impossible.
          As Israels defense minister during the Lebanon War in 1982, many Palestinian and human rights organizations hold him accountable for the massacre in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, in which hundreds of Palestinians were killed by Lebanese militias.
          More than a week later he became the oldest man ever verified to have lived by reaching the age of 115 years and 253 days.
          They said the planned Xiongan New Area could borrow ideas from Tsukuba.
          She said a related drink, juice squeezed from coconut pulp, has been popular in China for more than 20 years.
          The growth of automobile sales in China in the next few years is expected to be maintained at 7 percent, the vice chairman said.
          South Africas business trends and the entrepreneurial landscape require far more sophisticated skills to achieve international competitiveness to ensure access to global markets for SMEs, the director-general said.
          Last week the House of Representatives passed the legislation by a wide margin.
          Chinas meteorological authority forecast on Sunday that heavy rain will hit some regions in the north and Sichuan Province from Sunday to Tuesday.
          In China, he is even known as Zhao Guohua, a loose transliteration of his French name.
          8 million) in fight for the heated market in the past few months, which analysts say may undermine the popularity of apps among customers, the China News Services website reported Tuesday.
          E-commerce is set to prosper among the BRICS countries and become a major link connecting their residents, according to a report by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.
          42 billion) in 2016 and employing more than 8,800 people.
          A woman feeds cows in Xilin Gol League, North Chinas Inner Mongolia autonomous region, July 13, 2013.
          The more the enemies want to destroy our unity, the more we must keep united.
          The US released the three Uygurs and transferred them to Slovakia because ‘they do not pose a threat to the US.
          One, surnamed Lei, said that written homework did not inevitably lead to myopia.
          Another question concerns respondents preferred methods for reporting corruption, from writing to the relevant department, exposure via media to disclosure on the Internet.
          The baseline number of taxis is determined by the Code for Transport Planning on Urban Roads.
          Rural land is owned by the peasantry collectively and this is the soul of the rural basic management system, the statement read.
          Wang Yueju, Shens mother, who was working in the fields, rushed to the childrens rescue when she realized what was happening.
          The China embassy in Canada confirmed on Friday that the victim of a gruesome killing in Montreal is Lin Jun, a 33-year-old Chinese student from Concordia University.
          For innovation, I mean mechanism innovation and innovation of ideas, Wei said.
          It will only become more and more open, according to the report.
          However, Wu warned that the government should take full responsibility as a supervisor as it eliminates the approval process because the market cannot be effective all the time.
          He is one of 36 alleged gang members being tried simultaneously at seven courts in Xianning, Hubei province.
          Mora Godoy, a contemporary star of Argentine tango, is proof of the dances growing popularity in China.
          It was the worst fall Ive seen, Austrian snowboarder Anna Gasser told Norways TV2.
          Life began to improve for Alim, but he remained frugal.
          3 in the 1950s as a result of low birth rates, late marriage and population migration, said the report published by the National Health and Family Planning Commission.
          Greenpeace denied the accusation.
          He also noticed that there was a 2-month-old baby in the car.
          The competition will depend on which can offer better services with lower costs, he said.
          Confucius Institute Headquarters has founded 400 Confucius Institutes and over 500 Confucius Classrooms in 108 foreign countries since 2004, in collaboration with local educational institutions, Xu said.
          The projects are all regional headquarters and research and development bases, focusing on fields such as network and information security, mobile internet, digital video and bio-medicine.
          A2 The main themes of the plan are very much in line with Bayers philosophy and mission, and our strategy for China.
          Thousands of golden lights conjured up an image of a thousand Buddhas.
          Its a very difficult mission and we need to be very careful about jumping to a quick conclusion, he said.
          But word didnt reach the throne for two generations.
          US Representative Mike Pompeo, a Republican from Kansas, wrote to SXSW organizers, calling on them to withdraw the invitation to Snowden, who he said deceived his employer and his country.
          Nationwide, roughly 1 million Chinese patients need bone marrow transplants each year, but so far, fewer than 800 have secured one through the program, said Liu Weixin, deputy director.

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